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While I’m at it……..another quick pair of earrings!

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Quick Crystal Earrings, marywilliamsdesigns

Quick Crystal Earrings

When I was looking for a good backdrop for the Taste of Pumpkin earrings I stumbled upon a pottery leaf I had purchased at the Napa Adult School pottery class Christmas sale. I was sorry to hear that their classroom was closed and the class no longer offered there because of funding. Sadly, that is the case with many art classes in our public schools as well.

The leaf turned out to be quite photogenic and I love the way the blue in the Swarovski Pacific Opal crystals looked against the rough texture and colors of the leaf.

The earrings are very simple if you want to try to make yourself a pair. You don’t need to know much about how to make jewelry, just how to twist the ends of two wires together!

The earrings are also a great “plan B” design if you can’t find a pair of earrings that will go with a new outfit. Depending on how big your stash of crystal colors is the possibilities are endless. The earrings are also easy to add your own special touches. If you already make jewelry it is fairly simple to figure out how to make them from the photo, but when I have the time I’ve added that to my list of step-by-step photos to work on.

2 thoughts on “While I’m at it……..another quick pair of earrings!

  1. Merry Christmas Marianne. I like what you are doing with your online and blog.
    We moved over to Lodi two years ago, our grandkids are here and our son n wife. A little different lifestyle, almost everyone I met is third or fourth generation Lodian

    Take care, donna

    • Thank you Donna! I spent a few days in Lodi years ago during a soccer tournament for our youngest son. It really was a lovely town. I hope you are enjoying it I imagine it is wonderful to be so close to your family. We are expecting our first grandchild in a few months. I wish we lived closer but we’re only a couple hours away.