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There are days when you just need to hammer!

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metal jewelry components

Textured Bronze and Copper

The sound of metal singing can be heard all around my studio building these days. I have been rediscovering the joy of, for lack of a better phrase, whacking metal with a hammer! It does wonder for one’s energy and attitude! I have always loved it.

The image above is of two of the components destined for a future project which I (hopefully) will complete in the next week or so. The obstacle I continually face when working on a project is each new idea leads to the next new idea, then the next, and of course I have to follow each new idea to see where it leads. It makes for interesting discoveries but also makes for a studio workbench that is littered with tools and materials and coninuously looks like a hardware store got dropped on it.

I am heading back to the workbench to create more “piles”. I hope that your creative path leads to many discoveries and new joys as well!
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One thought on “There are days when you just need to hammer!

  1. These are awesome! I was so sad when I wasn’t able to make it to one of your Hammertime classes when you had the store open in Napa. One of the students that took it said she had a blast and that you made your classes so much fun and so informative.