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The promise of blackberry pies to come

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Blackberry blossom

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

A delicate promise of mouth-watering goodness!

Having scoured the back roads of Napa Valley for blackberries in the past, I decided this year to plant my own vines. I was lucky enough to score mature vines early in the season that most likely will not produce enough for a pie just yet, but I will enjoy each and every berry nonetheless. I can patiently wait for future abundance.  Having suffered the thorns and brambles that come with the picking of wild blackberries I am sure I will be forever thankful that the vines came without weaponry!

2 thoughts on “The promise of blackberry pies to come

  1. You were LUCKY to get blackberry vines without thorns..!!
    wow… with they all were ‘benign’

    HOw old is Jaxon? Hope all is going well

    • Actually I found out there are many varieties without thorns. Who would have thought? I’m looking forward to tasting these. Hopefully they will live up to their ‘thornful’ counterparts.

      Jax was 9 weeks old yesterday and is quite a handful. He can be so sweet but also can be a determined little devil. I’m doing my best to protect plants, rug, furniture, and skin and come up with a schedule that works!

      I hope that things are going well with you as well! I miss seeing you.