Meglacicle, gigantic icicle

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Giant Icicle, Mary Williams Designs


I really should get back to posting pictures of jewelry and lampwork beads but I just couldn’t resist this. It may not look like it but that icicle is 54 inches long (and growing!) and 7 inches across at the top! Taken with my phone from inside the house kneeling down to get the whole thing in the shot. Love how the bottom is three separate points.

A very persistent visitor

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Washoe Valley Frog

Meet Clyde

Meet Clyde , my resident Washoe Valley frog. He is a frequent and persistent visitor to my glass studio. He has been relocated outside for his own good on a couple occasions and yet he always manages to find his way back in. For some reason, my red tool cart seems to be his favorite place to kick back and cool off. Red is one of my favorite colors to add to my work but frogs and the color red, who knew? One of these days Clyde will stop surprising me with visits, and I have to admit it will make me a little sad!

Preserving Dandelion Fluff

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Preserved Dandelion

Preserved Dandelion

Ever try to bring a large dandelion fluff into the house past a 130 pound rottweiler that thinks it should be his? Or at the very least thinks he should ‘lovingly’ smell it and lick it and breathe in its goodness? It’s not easy ladies and gentlemen! Luckily I had spent some time with it and a can of hairspray before picking and transporting it inside so I at least had a fighting chance..

The dandelions in Washoe Valley are the biggest and prettiest that I’ve seen. It is rare for me to find one fully intact though. Our area is known for being very windy so I was extremely lucky and very happy to find this one.

I’m far from being an expert on preserving these, this being my first, but if you would like to try all I used was an aerosol hairspray. I imagine that an art fixative would work, but I used what I had.

I sprayed from about 4 inches away at first in short spurts, as if it were a can of spray paint. Once I had a very light coat on it I moved in closer. I probably put four coats in all, including spraying underneath. After it dried I carefully snipped the stem.

I have no idea how long it will last, but while it is here it makes me happy!

Work stoppage risk!

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Surely I will tire of this, or so I keep telling myself.

For so long the view from my work space was either a wall or a fence. Surely, I thought, with this beautiful view as inspiration I will be getting my work done in half the time. The problem is it has such a calm, soothing effect that I find myself wanting to just stare at it ……and stare at it some more.

Even though I know there will be many other evening views such as this I find myself wanting to capture each one at the perfect fleeting moment in time. I was absolutely mesmerized by the way the hills looked this particular evening. On our side of the valley everything was beginning to darken as the sun slipped behind the western hills. The sun still shone across the eastern hills creating a soft glow as it went as if to light the path to some magical hidden treasure. It produced a wonderful painterly effect and if I didn’t know better, I would swear those hills were the work of a master water color artist.

-taken through a closed window with a Samsung Galaxy S4, handheld.