Work stoppage risk!

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Surely I will tire of this, or so I keep telling myself.

For so long the view from my work space was either a wall or a fence. Surely, I thought, with this beautiful view as inspiration I will be getting my work done in half the time. The problem is it has such a calm, soothing effect that I find myself wanting to just stare at it ……and stare at it some more.

Even though I know there will be many other evening views such as this I find myself wanting to capture each one at the perfect fleeting moment in time. I was absolutely mesmerized by the way the hills looked this particular evening. On our side of the valley everything was beginning to darken as the sun slipped behind the western hills. The sun still shone across the eastern hills creating a soft glow as it went as if to light the path to some magical hidden treasure. It produced a wonderful painterly effect and if I didn’t know better, I would swear those hills were the work of a master water color artist.

-taken through a closed window with a Samsung Galaxy S4, handheld.

Sunshine is bursting out all over!

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Golden Gazania

Something I miss about doing soft glass is the vividness of the colors. Boro tends to be so much more earthy. While there are crayon-like colors in boro rod they tend, for the most part, to be either difficult to work in small scale due to boiling issues, or thin out too much making them appear translucent. This can work for me with some effects, but when I want bold, bright colors nothing does it for me like soft glass.

Golden Lily

I hope when the studio is finally set up again that I will have two torch stations, one for soft glass (whose color palette has grown exponentially since I stopped using it) and one for borosilicate. For now I’ll just have to enjoy the vivid summer colors in my garden (at least those that have survived the tornado teeth of Mr. Jax.

Orange Lily