Scroll down Jax, scroll down!

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Huh?? Whatcha Talkin' About?

I have definitely been doing too much computer work getting ready for Kickstarter and not enough work in the studio! Jax has been a little deprived of me time, so I took him out for a little snow play. I brought along the usual assortment of bribes, err, rewards. When we were about to come back in the house I readied the last treat and gave him his usual command, well…..almost. “Scroll down Jax, scroll down”.I swear he’s been laughing at me ever since!  He’ll never let me live this down I fear.

Anyone need a kitchen helper?

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Jax has a repertoire of tricks a mile long that he is very proud of. He is one great big lovable goofball. What the video doesn’t show is the push-pull struggle we go through when I need to get something out of a drawer:

Me pulling as hard as I can to keep the drawer open while I retrieve something: “Jax,   I need    it    open    to    get    something     out!” 

Jax, pushing as hard as he can to close it  ”But    I    don’t    get    a    treat    until    the    drawer    is    closed. Out of my way woman!”