Playing with mannequins

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Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Since I have no live models on hand, I decided to order a couple mannequin variations to expand the type of product shots I could offer. This particular one was meant to be for earrings, but since the partial torso I ordered in ‘fleshtone’ arrived in a severe sunburned flesh color, this one is making due for necklaces in the meantime.

This shot and the following one (very messy desk edited out!) were not meant to be kept. Basically, I set the mannequin in a window, aimed and fired. There was just something about them that made me to decide not to delete them. I never get this lucky. A professional photographer is shuddering somewhere I am sure, but I am happy with them!

Silver Twisted Double Hoop Earrings

Twisted Ring Sterling Earrings

Product Photography…

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I was doing so well making headway with the store’s product photography and then I got ….distracted.

It is no secret to those who check out the Boutique’s new items that I like using photo props, and I am using them more and more. If I had more time I would probably lose myself in practicing photography more often. Hunting for them is also a great excuse for reviving my love of visiting garage and estate sales. I love old things. Rusty, dented, sometimes even dirty old pieces of household history (and don’t get me started on interesting rocks!). They all just have so much character. They also keep me from becoming weary of photographing item after item on a stark white background.

Antique Lock with White Flower

Don’t get me wrong, I think some things need a simple white background in order to capture and convey certain qualities, but even with a white background I find myself leaning more and more to the shadowy dark side.

Amber Treads Lampwork

Amber Treads Lampwork

Oh, yes. That delicate white flower up there? Believe it or not, it is a trailing weed that will run rampant, choking the life out of more delicate plants in my yard if I don’t keep it in check. I decided it was about time it did something positive for me, and when I took the time to look at it more closely I realized how truly beautiful it was.


Lampwork Bead Makes it to Broadway

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spotlight on lampwork

Spotlight on Lampwork

Does anyone know how I made this lampwork bead? Yeah, me either. It is an experimental bead I was exploring about three months ago. I had been been doing so good for awhile, writing notes on how I create my beads, but alas I apparently fell off the wagon with this one.

I haven’t totally given up hope that I will find some note scrawled on the back of a grocery list, or in the margins of a page of some obscure magazine I was reading at the time, but for now I’ve been amusing myself with picture playing, as above.

I haven’t quite figured out how to capture the depth and layers that are trapped inside the bead and have made many frustrating¬†educational attempts at photographing this one. The bead is actually folded and the red portion that you see is like a brilliant red cave.

I thought while puppy is napping I’d take one of Colin’s attempts and turn it into a fun photo-editing exercise for me. The picture is actually three layers combined to make one. The original picture showed the lampwork bead with what looks like halos that were created by shining a light directly above the bead. It washed out part of the design but I think it is still a fun picture!