Kickstarter Launch!

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Kickstarter Note Card Rewards

Launch day is finally here! Preparing for the campaign was one of the most educational processes I have been through in a long time. Launching it was one of the most terrifying. Believe me if you will, but I actually had anxiety chest pains right after launching! I felt like I was the new kid hoping someone would like me on the first day of school.

The picture above is one of the rewards being offered, the rest being jewelry items. To read about my goal of relaunching my art studio take a look at the official Kickstarter Page. I can use some help getting the word out so please share the news. Right now that little snowball is perched on top of a very high mountain! Help me give it a nudge!

If you want to keep track of my progress you can check in with Kickstarter, but I’ve also created a Kickstarter page on this blog and you can see it here:

Mary’s Kickstarter Blog Page