Scroll down Jax, scroll down!

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Huh?? Whatcha Talkin' About?

I have definitely been doing too much computer work getting ready for Kickstarter and not enough work in the studio! Jax has been a little deprived of me time, so I took him out for a little snow play. I brought along the usual assortment of bribes, err, rewards. When we were about to come back in the house I readied the last treat and gave him his usual command, well…..almost. “Scroll down Jax, scroll down”.I swear he’s been laughing at me ever since!  He’ll never let me live this down I fear.

Not to be a pest, but………..

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Not to be a pest........

……remember when you said we’d be going on a walk before work??

This picture was actually taken months ago when I was working on my (now) daughter-in-law’s wedding jewelry, but I just love this picture. “THE LOOK” is what Jax uses right before he loses all patience and  throws one of his signature tantrums (consisting of making rapid, spastic circles on the rug while trying to attack his tail) if he doesn’t get his way. Unfortunately for him, none of us take him seriously and most often we just chuckle and go back to what we are doing. It’s so tough being the youngest in the household!

Firewood Gathering with Jax

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Jax is always more than willing to pitch in and help with household chores. In actuality, he is no different than any other toddler that wants to be a ‘big boy’, and big boy he definitely is! That limb he is charging around our property with is no lightweight. If only I could harness this energy (or put him to work cleaning the studio space!). As it is his primary talent in the studio is ‘sweeping’ every object on any work surface onto the floor. We call it Table Surfing and he gets a shiny gold star every time for thoroughness.

Happy Holidays (and please take these antlers off)

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“Sure, I think that when you are typing is the time to play with your hands, I smudge your window (okay, all of your windows), I have to smell EVERYTHING including the inside of your purse, I think the best time to lay on your feet is when you are getting ready to get up, I lay on my bed and moan until you pick up my toy that fell on the floor, I insist on being part of conversations and talking when it isn’t my turn (at least I’m not barking), and I’m sure you’ll tell me that I do a million other quirky things but have I EVER made you wear stupid headgear? I think not.”

There are so many reasons to love Autumn……..

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Autumn Leaf

What's Not To Love About Autumn

…….and the amazing colors are just one. Jax found this leaf while on a walk with Billy. It was by itself in the middle of the road just waiting. Luckily Jax only had a chance to nose it around a bit before Billy snatched it from him, thus saving it from being loved to destruction. I don’t know how well it will keep its colors once dry, but if it retains at least a little of this amazing color display expect to see it as a future photo prop.