Spring has sprung!

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Daffodils in Washoe Valley

I had great plans last year to litter the hillside below our house with beautiful bright daffodils to announce that spring was here. I love the fact that they will multiply and return each year. I had planted the ones you see, plus a few around a couple other trees, the first winter we were here. Unfortunately I was unable to do any planting the end of last year so I am  not looking out on a massive sea of yellow daffodils. Luckily it only takes a few to cheer me! I am happy every time I look out and see these.

Just who did you say invented dichroic?

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peahen feathers

"Dichroic" Feathers

Just a little Monday color inspiration. No one does color better than Mother Nature! What you are looking at are Peafowl feathers. Commonly referred to as peacocks, that is actually the name of the male while peahen is the name given to the females. Something I didn’t realize until I started investigating  the correct name, is that they are actually a member of the pheasant family.

These particular feathers came from a wonderful woman that raises show birds and pets. While I think peacocks are beautiful creatures, from what I understand they are NOISY, so I will resist my urge to add them to the household. I do understand, however, that they make great alarms!

For more information check out this article: Are Peafowl noisy?