What are cinnamon rolls and soft serve ice cream?

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Cinnamon Rolls I Crave

Cinnamon Rolls I Crave

Two of the things I crave most when I have a migraine (after that ‘sick’ part of the migraine is over, that is!).

Right now my eyes and ears are not playing nicely with my head so lampwork, hammering metal, grinding gemstones, photography, reading, computer work, and pretty much everything I normally do on a daily basis is out of the question. That leaves eating. Once I’m over the worst part of my migraines I tend to crave different types of bread and ice cream. Most other foods just don’t taste right (well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

These cinnamon rolls (seen dough form above) are easy to make and my absolute favorite cinnamon rolls to eat. The hardest part is to not eat them so I typically freeze them individually and microwave to warm them at my leisure.

The last time they were made it was a joint effort of mine and Colin’s. When we got to the rolling part, he took one end I took the other and we nearly completed the most beautiful log of raw cinnamon rolls before we both stopped short, looked at each other and uttered the king of all exclamations… “oops”.

Unfortunately, as we got to the end we both realized simultaneously that we had forgotten to put the cinnamon and brown sugar on before rolling. You haven’t truly experienced a greasy mess until you try unrolling unwieldy, wobbly, and slippery, buttered dough. Luckily we were triumphant and the picture above are the rolls getting ready to be baked.

If you would like to try the recipe, you can find it on my recipe site, Recipe Drawer. Enjoy (and save me some, I don’t feel up to baking right now!)