In a Pickle

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Pickled Asparagus

White and Green Pickled Asparagus

I went through a ‘back to the land’ period in my life some years ago. We had two acres of land and my grand plans were to ultimately lead an almost completely sustainable lifestyle. I loved it.

I had a huge garden, baked bread (even collected my own wild yeast for my biga), and tried every odd canning (and candy- let’s not forget the important stuff now!) recipe I could find. I did research on raising chickens and trout but stopped short of planning for cattle and sheep due in part to the concern that I might just end up with a lot of very big pets that I would have to sustain vs. having them sustain me. 

Sometime I hope to be able to give those days a whirl again, but for now I’ll have to satisfy myself with a couple tomato plants and buying produce to can. I got a great deal on asparagus this year and I decided to pickle it. It has to sit for a month before opening but for now it looks rather pretty sitting on a cabinet shelf.