Bierocks or Beerocks, they are wonderful by any name!

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Homemade Bierocks

Homemade Bierocks

I have been making these for nearly 30 years and they never fail to get an OMG! exclamation from anyone that tries them. When my youngest son played in Little League and we had an evening game, I would reheat them, wrap them in foil and then layers of newspaper to keep them warm and take them along for a snack. When it came time to eat, anyone within close proximity of us immediately became less interested in whether their son would make a momentous play and more interested in what in the world we were eating. The smell is almost as amazing as the taste. The ones pictured are the snack size.

There are tons of recipes for Bierocks on the net if you do a google search (also called beerocks) and most, but not all, call for hamburger and frozen bread dough. Even though it is very time-consuming I like to make my own dough (slightly sweet and salty) and use shredded beef for the filling, usually a well-marbled chuck roast.

I can’t really comment on how the others taste since I have never tried any other version and most times I wing it regarding the ingredient amounts. Basically the entire filling is comprised of beef, onion,cabbage, salt and lots of pepper. The ratios change each time I make them but somehow they always turn out the same. Such a simple selection of ingredients but it tastes amazing.

Comfort food at its best!