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Rockhound at Heart….Again

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septarian nodule pair

This is a repeat post, in a sense, but I never get tired of looking at this picture. There is no denying I am a rockhound at heart and could spend hours going over my rather large rock pile. They don’t need to be made into adornments for me to delight in each and every one of them.

Though there are many of my special items on assorted shelves and random drawers that my family will puzzle over when I am gone I don’t think there is any denying that these are cool. There are, however, many items they will discover that I held dear and exclaim “mom always was a little weird, wasn’t she?”

These are two halves of a septarian nodule that I had purchased sometime ago to use for cabochons. I doubt I will ever have the heart to cut and grind on them unless I find some I like better to take their place on my cabinet. Hopefully I will be able to find some that were already broken. Once you start down that grinding path there really is no going back! For now this pair is still perfectly intact and functioning quite well as dust collectors on my findings cabinet.

It is amazing to me to think what it took to form these unique patterns. On the outside they look like plain flattish round stones, a shape something like you might use to skip stones on a lake. Years ago I could have walked by a pile of these and never given them a second look, not realizing what a treasure of design they held inside. Look what I would have missed!

4 thoughts on “Rockhound at Heart….Again

    • Yes, it is hard to improve on Mother Nature! If you are ever in Madagascar in your travels Jeanne, be sure to keep your eyes on the ground!

  1. Amazing, definitely….there is something magical about a rock looking ordinary on the outside and then opening it up to such a fabulous design!!!

    • Since getting serious about rocks I have acquired two large rock saws. Not every rock is amazing when you cut into them, but the thrill of the treasure hunt never gets old! When I saw my first geode as a child I went home immediately to gather all of the small backyard rocks I could find and proceeded to him them with my dad’s hammer to open them. I never did find a treasure and luckily didn’t ruin my dad’s hammer or put out an eye!