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Preserving Dandelion Fluff

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Preserved Dandelion

Preserved Dandelion

Ever try to bring a large dandelion fluff into the house past a 130 pound rottweiler that thinks it should be his? Or at the very least thinks he should ‘lovingly’ smell it and lick it and breathe in its goodness? It’s not easy ladies and gentlemen! Luckily I had spent some time with it and a can of hairspray before picking and transporting it inside so I at least had a fighting chance..

The dandelions in Washoe Valley are the biggest and prettiest that I’ve seen. It is rare for me to find one fully intact though. Our area is known for being very windy so I was extremely lucky and very happy to find this one.

I’m far from being an expert on preserving these, this being my first, but if you would like to try all I used was an aerosol hairspray. I imagine that an art fixative would work, but I used what I had.

I sprayed from about 4 inches away at first in short spurts, as if it were a can of spray paint. Once I had a very light coat on it I moved in closer. I probably put four coats in all, including spraying underneath. After it dried I carefully snipped the stem.

I have no idea how long it will last, but while it is here it makes me happy!

8 thoughts on “Preserving Dandelion Fluff

  1. Great minds think alike, I just did an art piece with the dandelion as my subject. Entered it in the Marin fair, took third place. Went to pick it up today and found out it was sold. Mixed feelings about that, I thought I had priced it high enough not to sell, but someone out there must have money to spare. And I also have three dandelions in a bud vase that I preserved with hairspray as well. They have been preserved for about a month with no problem until Robb came along to close the window and hit them with his hand one was destroyed but the other two survived. I love dandelions!!!

    • Congratulations! I would love to see a picture if you have one.

      I try to go on a daily walk with Jax and my eyes are always roaming for one of those little while fluffs. Actually here they aren’t so little. I don’t think I ever saw any this size in Napa. I’m hoping to make a bouquet of them, assuming they stay out of harm’s way!

    • Actually, I did. When I get the size reduced I’ll post it if I remember.

  2. Well if they are that big, and that’s big, guess that means you have more to make wishes on. I love Dandelions and I am glad some adult told me the magic fairy tales about them when I was little. I’ve seen dandelions cast in clear resin or something and always wondered how they managed to do it.

    • Ha, the wind gets most of the wishes. It generally only kicks up in the afternoon but somehow gets the best of the dandelions. I love dandelions too! Here is a link I found to a diy for casting them in resin. Makes it look simple. A LONG time ago I used to do that with African Violet blooms. It was pretty fun.
      How to Cast Dandelions in Resin

    • It was pretty cool to find one so perfect. It looks a little ragged with the hairspray but at least it is still in one piece!