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Playing with mannequins

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Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Since I have no live models on hand, I decided to order a couple mannequin variations to expand the type of product shots I could offer. This particular one was meant to be for earrings, but since the partial torso I ordered in ‘fleshtone’ arrived in a severe sunburned flesh color, this one is making due for necklaces in the meantime.

This shot and the following one (very messy desk edited out!) were not meant to be kept. Basically, I set the mannequin in a window, aimed and fired. There was just something about them that made me to decide not to delete them. I never get this lucky. A professional photographer is shuddering somewhere I am sure, but I am happy with them!

Silver Twisted Double Hoop Earrings

Twisted Ring Sterling Earrings

4 thoughts on “Playing with mannequins

  1. I love the picture and the necklace! I don’t think I’ve seen an oval coin pearl before. Just lovely.

    • Thanks Emily! I sold several of these in my old bead store years ago. I saved one strand for me and I’m glad I did! I haven’t run onto any since.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I agree, it does look like porcelain in these shots and I have always loved shadows! I spent a couple hours once photographing an urn on my front porch because I loved the natural lighting and the shifting of the shadows.

  3. Nice shadow work, it give a softness and elegance of porcelain to the model-kin. Like the chain also for the coin pearl.