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Morning walk inspiration

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I am like a kid when it comes to finding something, anything, growing on our hillside or near the creek. Each find is a special treat for me. All but one (the last one) of these grow wild here and I assume they are wildflowers. The last one is a plant that has amazed me in that it has lasted through subzero temps, but this year it amazed me by blooming for the first time. Who knew?  A tropical looking plant that survives harsh winters but never dies back? No idea what it is.

2 thoughts on “Morning walk inspiration

  1. I love flowers, they always lift my spirits. I believe the last one is a Rhododendron. They can take colder weather. England has some magnificent ones as high as 2 story houses and some of them even have a wonderful scent, although most of them don’t.I love it when I see flowering plants thriving in their natural habitat without a human having put them there.

    • Thanks Jennifer,
      I wondered if that was what it was but it looked so healthy after the winter when my other one did not. It was also SO much larger with much larger leaves. I’m excited to see what the blooms look like when they are all the way open. I’ll have to see if it has a (pleasing) fragrance. We have a lot of flowers that bloom during the summer including some very large dandelions. It is always a treasure hunt!