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Easy Crochet Bead Bracelet

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Simple Crochet Bracelet_Mary Williams Designs

Simple Crochet Bracelet

There are a ton of simple crochet bracelet tutorials on the web so this is definitely not something new. As a child I spent countless hours sitting with my mom crocheting yards (possibly miles) of single crochet chains before moving on to more elaborate designs with her guidance. I will never possess the amount of knowledge my mother had with crochet, but if there was a “comfort craft” for me, crochet would be it.

When I crochet I picture my mother on the sofa, feet curled up under her, glasses just slightly down her nose, leaning her body toward the old brass lamp on the side table, crocheting row after row of bedspread cotton into the most amazing bedspreads for the people she loved. I remember the unmatched patience and willingness she had in teaching others. I remember that all a person had to do was admire something she made and it, or a duplicate of it would be theirs. Tomorrow my mother would have been 97. She passed away many, many years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and her gentle spirit and recall what a true treasure she was.

Chainstitch bracelet in teal

Teal with Luster Opaque Green Beads

The version above is much shorter with a couple more chainstitches between beads. I’ve
used Opaque Green Luster facetted beads, C-Lon cord in Teal. and a matching czech glass shank button I’ve had for years.

This is not a complete tutorial, but just brief information on how my bracelet was made. It is a simple crochet chain (many tutorials for this stitch are just a google search away) fastened onto a button (I used a 2-hole button but a shank button or any other style would work just as well). The bracelet is nearly 2 yards long and has 200 czech glass beads. I crocheted right off the spool of C-Lon bead cord, but kept track of how much cord it took. Using a size 7 crochet hook (very small) it took about 10 yards of C-Lon to make nearly 2 yards in length. I crochet very tightly, at times so tight it is like trying to wrestle an elephant through a keyhole, so your results may vary. There are two chainstitches between each bead. I have a very small wrist and the bracelet wraps ten times around it.

The most tedious part was stringing 200 beads onto the cord before starting the chain. For this bracelet I chose to use a part of the chainstitch to loop through the button because I felt is was more decorative, but you could also just loop a single strand of cord through the holes 3 or 4 times and knot it at the back of the button before beginning your chainstitch. After every two stitches I pushed a bead down close the crochet hook before making my next stitch, thus locking the bead in place. I made sure the stitch fit snugly against the bead.

At the end of the chain, after all the beads the beads were used, I continued with a short section of chainstitch. I formed a loop with this section of chain just long enough to barely fit over my button, passed my crochet hook through the stitch at the base of the loop, picked up the cord with the hook and worked a single crochet back through several of the stitches. I then cut the cord leaving a short tail and pulled the tail (using the hook) through the last stitch to lock the stitches in place. You could make a knot here if you wanted or use a little glue to secure the end of the thread. I used a tapestry needle to weave the tail through the chain.

Here is a picture of the supplies I used along with a list and link to where they can be purchased.

Crochet bracelet supplies from The Red Bead

Crochet Bracelet Supplies

All supplies from The Red Bead:

C-Lon bead cord in Lilac
Pewter leaf print button
Czech Glass Jewel Luster beads

Or, if you like more earthy colors, give this selection a try. It is next on my personal to do list:

Earthy bracelet supplies

C-Lon Bead Cord in Latte
Stone Picasso Czech Beads
Turquoise Luster Flower Bead 

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