Out on location with my new jewelry model

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Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

She’s sporty, quiet, and doesn’t require much attention. She is also willing to do shows with me for no extra pay! Until I find some photogenic warm blooded models willing to work for beads and jewelry she is the next best thing!

In this shot she is sporting my Starlight Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace in silver. It was one of the rewards I offered for pledges in my recent Kickstarter Campaign.I’ll be adding it, as well as the other rewards and other items to my Etsy shop which I hope will be launching soon.

Hello Monday!

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Swallow Tail Butterfly, www.marywilliamsdesigns.com

Hello Butterfly!

A beautiful butterfly visited and  I was lucky enough to ‘capture’ it with my camera. It hung around for an hour or more, I think possibly because it knew how good it looked posing on these red dianthus!

Yellow holly, marywiliamsdesigns.com

Yellow Burst!

Hello also to some of the first blooms we see at the beginning of spring. This lovely holly-like shrub came in second in bloom time only to the crocus and daffodils this year. It sits right outside the front door, and once again I was surprised when, overnight it seemed, it was covered with bright yellow blooms! How cheery it makes our entrance feel!

Contemporary fused dichroic patchwork pendant, www.marywilliamsdesigns.com

Contemporary Dichroic Glass Patchwork

And last but not least, hello to a picture I am happier with of my contemporary dichroic patchwork design than the one I took yesterday! Still a work in progess but at least headed in the right direction!

Have a great Monday!


Saturday Simple Pleasures

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Inherited Garden Chives

Of all the things I have planted over the years, either ornamental or edible, I find myself wondering why not once did I consider chives. It is truly a mystery. They are both wonderful in egg salad, and beautiful as an ornamental.  I have always enjoyed the thrill of seeing crocus emerge, a promise of warmer weather, but never considered chives.

This particular bunch has been bringing me some simple pleasures each morning since early spring when this picture was taken. It is a plant I inherited when we bought this house. Most of the grounds had been left to go natural, but bordering the upstairs deck there were nine planter boxes hanging from the edge. The winter snows had completely covered their contents and I assumed had obliterated any possibility of plant life. How delighted I was when the daytime temps started to rise to find that I had an early start to a spring garden.

These chives are the star of the show but there are also dianthus, pansies,  delicate columbines, and a couple yet-to-be-unveiled surprises. I love surprises! There are even a few baby pine trees that have popped up in my planter boxes. If I had tried to grow a pine tree from seed I would have surely failed, but here I have nearly half a dozen that were possibly planted by a squirrel that are thriving!

The bees are frequent visitors to these planters and I love watching their non-stop activity and dedication to their goal. They provide early inspiration and a sense of peace to the beginning of my day. They are just one of the simple pleasures in my life that I try to take time to appreciate. What are yours?