Applause for Ornament Magazine

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Ornament MagazineI have to say I haven’t completely gotten on board with the digital versions for magazines. I find it very hard to relax and read them on the computer screen. I can’t see the entire page at one time (which for some odd reason seems important to me when relaxing, I’m not quite sure why) and I feel like I am so detached from the whole reading experience, which usually involves a cozy chair, good beverage, cookies, and does not include a bright computer screen and cluttered desk.

Maybe it is because I already spend so much at the computer screen with photo-editing, website work, emails, and bookkeeping, that to relax with a magazine while sitting in the same chair staring at the same computer screen just doesn’t do it for me (not even with cookies!)

I can see the benefit of digital subscriptions in some instances. Less natural resources to print them, less room needed in my house to store them, and they would probably be much easier to find when I want to reference an article. It would also be great to be able to access them on my phone when I’m anywhere I have to wait more than 10 minutes. In my opinion it’s much better to have a magazine at the ready than find the only entertainment you have is the “when you are moving” pamphlet while in line at the post office.

If I have to choose I will always opt for a print version. That is where the applause for Ornament Magazine comes in. It gives me the best of both worlds. When I want to read and relax in my favorite quiet place I can take my print issue, and when convenience dictates the digital one is the best choice, I can choose it to read. All included for the same price! From what I’ve seen it is the only magazine that I subscribe to (and we’re talking quite a few magazines here!) that gives me both the print and digital version included for the same price. With others I have to choose which I prefer or pay double the cost for two subscriptions. You can get the digital version of Ornament a little cheaper on its own ($5 less) if that is all you want, but it is really a better deal to get both. I also just checked an issue from 2002. The price for four issues was only a little cheaper than it is right now but now you get 5 issues! and the digital version. The magazine is not for everyone, it isn’t a how-to, but in my opinion it is a visual treat full of creative inspiration.

Disclaimer here: I have absolutely no affiliation with Ornament Magazine other than being a subscriber, just wanted to tip my hat.

One last thought for publishers. It might already exist, but I would love to see the magazines that provide digital versions of their magazines to also provide some sort of indexing database system for your computer that would allow you to easily search for articles. It might be asking for the moon, but with modern technology being what it is, could it be that far away? Just please don’t do away with the print versions, okay?