There are so many reasons to love Autumn……..

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Autumn Leaf

What's Not To Love About Autumn

…….and the amazing colors are just one. Jax found this leaf while on a walk with Billy. It was by itself in the middle of the road just waiting. Luckily Jax only had a chance to nose it around a bit before Billy snatched it from him, thus saving it from being loved to destruction. I don’t know how well it will keep its colors once dry, but if it retains at least a little of this amazing color display expect to see it as a future photo prop.


Napa Valley Wildlife

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napa valley deer family

Across from our house is a ravine that, in the wet winter times, is actually a flowing creek that is created by the run-off from the surrounding hills. During the spring, summer, and fall deer gather here to rest and eat for hours on end. It is quiet, shady, and relatively well protected. At times there is an abundance of acorns. From the frequency of their visits it seems the deer feel safe and secure here rather than in the open space behind our house where other, more ‘toothsome’ wildlife rest.

In our yard we have several old and very productive (in terms of acorns) old oak trees. I am sure at times my neighbors think me crazy, but I will shovel and rake up 5 gallon buckets of them, haul them across the road and deposit them for the deer to find. I’ve wondered what they think when they arrive in the wee hours for their breakfast and morning nap to find a feast of acorns waiting for them. I hope they enjoy their treat, but more than that I hope that these easy to obtain acorns will keep them from the more tender vegetation in my front yard!