Industrial look jewelry and more.

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industrial look jewelryA combination of snow and a resolution to spend more time in the studio experimenting with some old techniques has me working on hammering out (no pun intended!) some samples for a new metal jewelry line I hope to launch this year.

Since my lampwork ventilation system literally goes outside, grabs the extreme cold air and blows it directly at my head, neck, and back by virtue of my make-up air, I am more than a little reluctant to light my big torch and melt glass. While the front of me would be toasty warm it would be difficult to tell the difference between my back and, well, a big ice cube, and I’m pretty sure my brain would freeze from the back to the front. For now I am more than happy keeping warm torching, bending, and hammering metal. It is good for my soul (and my body temp)!

The samples above are two I am working on combining techniques. So far I like the direction my experiments are taking me. I am not much of a “frilly” person and tend to gravitate toward a combination of earthy and industrial in my jewelry, maybe with a little Viking warlord thrown in. ¬†For someone who wears jeans and boots pretty much 365 days a year, this style works for me!


There are days when you just need to hammer!

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metal jewelry components

Textured Bronze and Copper

The sound of metal singing can be heard all around my studio building these days. I have been rediscovering the joy of, for lack of a better phrase, whacking metal with a hammer! It does wonder for one’s energy and attitude! I have always loved it.

The image above is of two of the components destined for a future project which I (hopefully) will complete in the next week or so. The obstacle I continually face when working on a project is each new idea leads to the next new idea, then the next, and of course I have to follow each new idea to see where it leads. It makes for interesting discoveries but also makes for a studio workbench that is littered with tools and materials and coninuously looks like a hardware store got dropped on it.

I am heading back to the workbench to create more “piles”. I hope that your creative path leads to many discoveries and new joys as well!
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