There are days when you just need to hammer!

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metal jewelry components

Textured Bronze and Copper

The sound of metal singing can be heard all around my studio building these days. I have been rediscovering the joy of, for lack of a better phrase, whacking metal with a hammer! It does wonder for one’s energy and attitude! I have always loved it.

The image above is of two of the components destined for a future project which I (hopefully) will complete in the next week or so. The obstacle I continually face when working on a project is each new idea leads to the next new idea, then the next, and of course I have to follow each new idea to see where it leads. It makes for interesting discoveries but also makes for a studio workbench that is littered with tools and materials and coninuously looks like a hardware store got dropped on it.

I am heading back to the workbench to create more “piles”. I hope that your creative path leads to many discoveries and new joys as well!
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Playing with mannequins

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Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Oval Coin Pearl Necklace

Since I have no live models on hand, I decided to order a couple mannequin variations to expand the type of product shots I could offer. This particular one was meant to be for earrings, but since the partial torso I ordered in ‘fleshtone’ arrived in a severe sunburned flesh color, this one is making due for necklaces in the meantime.

This shot and the following one (very messy desk edited out!) were not meant to be kept. Basically, I set the mannequin in a window, aimed and fired. There was just something about them that made me to decide not to delete them. I never get this lucky. A professional photographer is shuddering somewhere I am sure, but I am happy with them!

Silver Twisted Double Hoop Earrings

Twisted Ring Sterling Earrings

Out on location with my new jewelry model

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Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

Starlight Pearl Drop Necklace by Mary Williams Designs

She’s sporty, quiet, and doesn’t require much attention. She is also willing to do shows with me for no extra pay! Until I find some photogenic warm blooded models willing to work for beads and jewelry she is the next best thing!

In this shot she is sporting my Starlight Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace in silver. It was one of the rewards I offered for pledges in my recent Kickstarter Campaign.I’ll be adding it, as well as the other rewards and other items to my Etsy shop which I hope will be launching soon.

While I’m at it……..another quick pair of earrings!

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Quick Crystal Earrings, marywilliamsdesigns

Quick Crystal Earrings

When I was looking for a good backdrop for the Taste of Pumpkin earrings I stumbled upon a pottery leaf I had purchased at the Napa Adult School pottery class Christmas sale. I was sorry to hear that their classroom was closed and the class no longer offered there because of funding. Sadly, that is the case with many art classes in our public schools as well.

The leaf turned out to be quite photogenic and I love the way the blue in the Swarovski Pacific Opal crystals looked against the rough texture and colors of the leaf.

The earrings are very simple if you want to try to make yourself a pair. You don’t need to know much about how to make jewelry, just how to twist the ends of two wires together!

The earrings are also a great “plan B” design if you can’t find a pair of earrings that will go with a new outfit. Depending on how big your stash of crystal colors is the possibilities are endless. The earrings are also easy to add your own special touches. If you already make jewelry it is fairly simple to figure out how to make them from the photo, but when I have the time I’ve added that to my list of step-by-step photos to work on.

As promised, the second fall earring tutorial!

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Touch of Pumpkin Earring Tutorial

Touch of Pumpkin Earring How-To

The background for this shot came to me courtesy of Billy and his first try using our new chainsaw. Good news is he still has all of his digits, and I have a cool new photo prop. I love the cracks in it and while the round is a little thicker on one side I actually like it even more because of it. It is a perfect backdrop, I think, for fall jewelry designs. The disk beads are a little darker orange (think Jolly Rancher), but the natural light on our deck brought out the tangerine!

If you would like a pair yourself, you can find them in the online store, or if you would rather make yourself a pair you can find everything you need to make them there as well.