Anyone need a kitchen helper?

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Jax has a repertoire of tricks a mile long that he is very proud of. He is one great big lovable goofball. What the video doesn’t show is the push-pull struggle we go through when I need to get something out of a drawer:

Me pulling as hard as I can to keep the drawer open while I retrieve something: “Jax,   I need    it    open    to    get    something     out!” 

Jax, pushing as hard as he can to close it  ”But    I    don’t    get    a    treat    until    the    drawer    is    closed. Out of my way woman!”

Happy Holidays (and please take these antlers off)

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“Sure, I think that when you are typing is the time to play with your hands, I smudge your window (okay, all of your windows), I have to smell EVERYTHING including the inside of your purse, I think the best time to lay on your feet is when you are getting ready to get up, I lay on my bed and moan until you pick up my toy that fell on the floor, I insist on being part of conversations and talking when it isn’t my turn (at least I’m not barking), and I’m sure you’ll tell me that I do a million other quirky things but have I EVER made you wear stupid headgear? I think not.”

There are so many reasons to love Autumn……..

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Autumn Leaf

What's Not To Love About Autumn

…….and the amazing colors are just one. Jax found this leaf while on a walk with Billy. It was by itself in the middle of the road just waiting. Luckily Jax only had a chance to nose it around a bit before Billy snatched it from him, thus saving it from being loved to destruction. I don’t know how well it will keep its colors once dry, but if it retains at least a little of this amazing color display expect to see it as a future photo prop.


Ball Balancing Rottweiler

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Jax is still honing his balancing skills and as much as it might appear to be so, that ball is not glued to his head! That green menace, err ball, has been dubbed “my precioussssss” since Jax is over-the-top in love with it and he wants to rub it all over your clothes so you understand JUST HOW MUCH HE LOVES IT.

It is a KONG Squeezz ball and the first toy in a LONG time that he has not destroyed in under 2 minutes. Not because he couldn’t destroy it, but because, for whatever reason, he has deemed it special enough in the world of toys to be lovingly (if not strangely), cared for. It is the queen of all toys to him. Really, it would be impossible to overstate just how much he loves it. It was the best buy ever in terms of loved toys, except I’m not sure it hasn’t turned him just a tiny bit neurotic.

The ball has flat ends now because we had to resort to removing its end caps, which seem to have been glued on somehow. It was getting too well worn and we were afraid he would get them off and eat them. It was too worn, not from rough play but from LOTS of love and attention. Again,  I cannot overstate that fact. It is his precioussssss and he wants it to be our precioussssss too, but only if he is holding it. If you know anything about Rottweilers, you know their intense devotion to anyone or anything they love.

“I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him…….” ~Hugo, the Abominable Snowman