Saturday Simple Pleasures

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Inherited Garden Chives

Of all the things I have planted over the years, either ornamental or edible, I find myself wondering why not once did I consider chives. It is truly a mystery. They are both wonderful in egg salad, and beautiful as an ornamental.  I have always enjoyed the thrill of seeing crocus emerge, a promise of warmer weather, but never considered chives.

This particular bunch has been bringing me some simple pleasures each morning since early spring when this picture was taken. It is a plant I inherited when we bought this house. Most of the grounds had been left to go natural, but bordering the upstairs deck there were nine planter boxes hanging from the edge. The winter snows had completely covered their contents and I assumed had obliterated any possibility of plant life. How delighted I was when the daytime temps started to rise to find that I had an early start to a spring garden.

These chives are the star of the show but there are also dianthus, pansies,  delicate columbines, and a couple yet-to-be-unveiled surprises. I love surprises! There are even a few baby pine trees that have popped up in my planter boxes. If I had tried to grow a pine tree from seed I would have surely failed, but here I have nearly half a dozen that were possibly planted by a squirrel that are thriving!

The bees are frequent visitors to these planters and I love watching their non-stop activity and dedication to their goal. They provide early inspiration and a sense of peace to the beginning of my day. They are just one of the simple pleasures in my life that I try to take time to appreciate. What are yours?

The promise of blackberry pies to come

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Blackberry blossom

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

A delicate promise of mouth-watering goodness!

Having scoured the back roads of Napa Valley for blackberries in the past, I decided this year to plant my own vines. I was lucky enough to score mature vines early in the season that most likely will not produce enough for a pie just yet, but I will enjoy each and every berry nonetheless. I can patiently wait for future abundance.  Having suffered the thorns and brambles that come with the picking of wild blackberries I am sure I will be forever thankful that the vines came without weaponry!