Diamond in the rough.

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Diamond in the Rough

Work progresses in the studio! The picture is of a worktable that the previous owner left. He asked me if I wanted it and I jumped at it! Truth be told I think the LAST thing he wanted to do was move it (lucky for me!).

This baby weighs a ton. Even though it is on excellent wheels (thankfully!) I still need a running start to push it around and it isn’t a piece of furniture you decide to move around without being absolutely sure you want it somewhere else .I think it is going to make a great glass cutting table,  metal fabrication area, or stone working center. Heck, it is probably big enough to be them all.

I’ve sanded it, and sanded it, and sanded it some more. I chipped away the unidentified concrete-like blobs from the surface and have added a coat of primer and paint to the top. I think I’ll paint the legs and bottom shelf gunmetal gray, but the important part, the top, is done so I can start using it. I think it turned out pretty good!

Almost Done!

Free Tutorial, Swarovski Spiral Tree Ornament or Sun Catcher

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Swarovksi Spiral Ornament or Suncatcher

Catch the Light!

I am so far behind planning for Christmas 2014 that Christmas 2015 seems a much more attainable goal! If your schedule is in better shape than mine then take a look at this new tutorial. If you have the time to make a few special but simple gifts for yourself or others, give these ornaments a try. You don’t even have to make the spirals. They are only $1 each and save you so much work (and hair pulling!)

The design is easy to alter and there are some suggestions on the tutorial page. They would also make beautiful suncatchers in your kitchen window to add a little sparkle all year long!

Swarovski Spiral Ornament of Suncatcher Tutorial.

While I’m at it……..another quick pair of earrings!

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Quick Crystal Earrings, marywilliamsdesigns

Quick Crystal Earrings

When I was looking for a good backdrop for the Taste of Pumpkin earrings I stumbled upon a pottery leaf I had purchased at the Napa Adult School pottery class Christmas sale. I was sorry to hear that their classroom was closed and the class no longer offered there because of funding. Sadly, that is the case with many art classes in our public schools as well.

The leaf turned out to be quite photogenic and I love the way the blue in the Swarovski Pacific Opal crystals looked against the rough texture and colors of the leaf.

The earrings are very simple if you want to try to make yourself a pair. You don’t need to know much about how to make jewelry, just how to twist the ends of two wires together!

The earrings are also a great “plan B” design if you can’t find a pair of earrings that will go with a new outfit. Depending on how big your stash of crystal colors is the possibilities are endless. The earrings are also easy to add your own special touches. If you already make jewelry it is fairly simple to figure out how to make them from the photo, but when I have the time I’ve added that to my list of step-by-step photos to work on.

As promised, the second fall earring tutorial!

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Touch of Pumpkin Earring Tutorial

Touch of Pumpkin Earring How-To

The background for this shot came to me courtesy of Billy and his first try using our new chainsaw. Good news is he still has all of his digits, and I have a cool new photo prop. I love the cracks in it and while the round is a little thicker on one side I actually like it even more because of it. It is a perfect backdrop, I think, for fall jewelry designs. The disk beads are a little darker orange (think Jolly Rancher), but the natural light on our deck brought out the tangerine!

If you would like a pair yourself, you can find them in the online store, or if you would rather make yourself a pair you can find everything you need to make them there as well.

Free Fall Earring Tutorial

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Brass and Glass Orange Disk Earrings, theredbeadboutique.com

Brass and Glass Orange Disk Earrings

In our part of Nevada Fall is creeping slowly upon us. The evenings are a bit cooler, the days seem to be shorter at a fast pace, and the wildlife are busy preparing for the colder months. However, with the majority of trees surrounding us being assorted pine trees, I find I miss the fall display of leaves changing from green, to yellow, orange, and red. The leaf in my photo is actually a dried leaf I brought with us when we moved and this leaf is my absolute favorite of all times:

Beautiful autumn leaf colors

What's not to love about Autumn?

Until we get a variety of trees planted at our house, I will have to satisfy myself with cheery autumn colors in my jewelry. I plan to wear a pair like the one pictured on top with a warm pair of Uggs, a soft and slightly worn pair of my favorite denims, a crisp white cotton shirt, and a cozy warm sweater while I eat a bowl of my favorite fall soup.

If you would like a pair yourself, you can find them in the online store, or if you would rather make yourself a pair you can find everything you need to make them there as well. I also have another design that I am working on for Fall or Halloween and will hopefully have a picture in a day or so.

Awesome photo prop and Free Jewelry Tutorial

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Firewood photo prop Mary Williams Designs

Firewood Photo Prop

I have a slight obsession to collecting pieces of art in nature. Just ask anyone that has gone on a hike with me, or even just walked with me on the pine-studded area surrounding our house.The chance of me returning to the house without some small (or more typical) large piece of wood or rock that I find interesting is unlikely.

The wood in the picture is actually a piece of firewood that I rescued just moments before it was to be tossed into the flames of our wood stove. If it had burned I would have mourned it for awhile, I found it so interesting. The family has now been instructed to hold similar pieces of firewood for my inspection before using it to heat the house.(edited to add: Reminder to self after finding nearly a dozen pieces of firewood stacked on my worktable this morning: “be  more specific as to size when requesting firewood photo props”.)

I love the naturally occurring random pattern on it! The fact that it has a stub of a small branch ideally located at the top, perfectly off-center for interest, was a superb bonus! It will work wonderfully for bracelets, pendants, or, as in the photograph, a coiled spiral beaded necklace.

As an added bonus to you, I added a tutorial to the website for the seed bead chain shown in the photo (I know, you barely noticed it because of the awesomeness of the wood it is hanging on!)

Spin Out Spiral Seed Bead Chain FREE tutorial!