Lampwork Purse Fobs and Zipper Pulls

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Lampwork Zipper Pulls by Mary Williams Designs

Lampwork Zipper Pulls

I used to make these little fobs a lot but over time thoughts of them were pushed to one side as other projects and designs took the forefront.

In searching for a quick, affordable addition to my lampwork offerings for an upcoming project I settled, once again, into creating these simple dangles. It is actually quite relaxing and, as simple as the designs are, quite fulfilling. I love adding a little color and sparkle to things that aren’t usually adorned by jewelry. Purses, day planners (remember those???), keychains, belt loops, the list goes on. They can also be removed from the clip and added to a chain for a pendant necklace.

The example shown is in one of my favorite shapes. I’ve been making disk beads for years, long before lampworkers had press molds, and still prefer the entirely handcrafted shape for most of them versus the molded ones. I used one of my favorite boro colors for this one (red, of course, being my absolute favorite!), as well as a new(ish) one that sparkles for the alternating stripes. I hope you like it!

Oh, and I’ll announce the new project these are intended for soon!