Hello Monday!

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Swallow Tail Butterfly, www.marywilliamsdesigns.com

Hello Butterfly!

A beautiful butterfly visited and  I was lucky enough to ‘capture’ it with my camera. It hung around for an hour or more, I think possibly because it knew how good it looked posing on these red dianthus!

Yellow holly, marywiliamsdesigns.com

Yellow Burst!

Hello also to some of the first blooms we see at the beginning of spring. This lovely holly-like shrub came in second in bloom time only to the crocus and daffodils this year. It sits right outside the front door, and once again I was surprised when, overnight it seemed, it was covered with bright yellow blooms! How cheery it makes our entrance feel!

Contemporary fused dichroic patchwork pendant, www.marywilliamsdesigns.com

Contemporary Dichroic Glass Patchwork

And last but not least, hello to a picture I am happier with of my contemporary dichroic patchwork design than the one I took yesterday! Still a work in progess but at least headed in the right direction!

Have a great Monday!

Dichroic and photography- An ideal path to frustration!

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Patchwork Glass Quilt

Today is one of those days I question my sanity for returning to fused dichroic glass while I’m waiting to get my torch area up and running. The cabochon, or at least a more rounded version of this one, was one of my best sellers in the Napa art gallery that represented me, as well as being one of my favorites. I felt it was a good design to revive and rework to more contemporary standards. Oh-my-gosh, am I ever wondering if that was a wise choice! Especially since, with my usual enthusiasm, I did an entire line based on this design before trying to photograph it.

You see, it is virtually impossible to photograph dichroic glass to appear as nicely as it does in person. When the dichroic layer is on the surface it is nearly doable depending on the lighting placement, however, I like this particular piece capped with a layer of optically pleasing thick clear glass. See that lighter line of black between the more distinct black lines? That is actually a shadow of one of those lines which gives you some idea how thick the clear glass is. Adding that thick layer of clear glass while very pleasing in person, makes it immensely more difficult to photograph.

It took me nearly an hour to get a picture I was somewhat happy with and that is just the first view of multiple views I am aiming for. It isn’t the colors that have me dismayed, I think it is the fact that I just can’t capture the depth and true texture of the piece. I truly want to sell these online but I can see I have a long road ahead of me struggling with the photos.

Any professional photographer want to earn a lifetime supply of home-baked cookies?

Spring has sprung!

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Daffodils in Washoe Valley

I had great plans last year to litter the hillside below our house with beautiful bright daffodils to announce that spring was here. I love the fact that they will multiply and return each year. I had planted the ones you see, plus a few around a couple other trees, the first winter we were here. Unfortunately I was unable to do any planting the end of last year so I am  not looking out on a massive sea of yellow daffodils. Luckily it only takes a few to cheer me! I am happy every time I look out and see these.

Scroll down Jax, scroll down!

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Huh?? Whatcha Talkin' About?

I have definitely been doing too much computer work getting ready for Kickstarter and not enough work in the studio! Jax has been a little deprived of me time, so I took him out for a little snow play. I brought along the usual assortment of bribes, err, rewards. When we were about to come back in the house I readied the last treat and gave him his usual command, well…..almost. “Scroll down Jax, scroll down”.I swear he’s been laughing at me ever since!  He’ll never let me live this down I fear.

Kickstarter Launch!

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Kickstarter Note Card Rewards

Launch day is finally here! Preparing for the campaign was one of the most educational processes I have been through in a long time. Launching it was one of the most terrifying. Believe me if you will, but I actually had anxiety chest pains right after launching! I felt like I was the new kid hoping someone would like me on the first day of school.

The picture above is one of the rewards being offered, the rest being jewelry items. To read about my goal of relaunching my art studio take a look at the official Kickstarter Page. I can use some help getting the word out so please share the news. Right now that little snowball is perched on top of a very high mountain! Help me give it a nudge!

If you want to keep track of my progress you can check in with Kickstarter, but I’ve also created a Kickstarter page on this blog and you can see it here:

Mary’s Kickstarter Blog Page