Diamond in the rough.

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Diamond in the Rough

Work progresses in the studio! The picture is of a worktable that the previous owner left. He asked me if I wanted it and I jumped at it! Truth be told I think the LAST thing he wanted to do was move it (lucky for me!).

This baby weighs a ton. Even though it is on excellent wheels (thankfully!) I still need a running start to push it around and it isn’t a piece of furniture you decide to move around without being absolutely sure you want it somewhere else .I think it is going to make a great glass cutting table, ¬†metal fabrication area, or stone working center. Heck, it is probably big enough to be them all.

I’ve sanded it, and sanded it, and sanded it some more. I chipped away the unidentified concrete-like blobs from the surface and have added a coat of primer and paint to the top. I think I’ll paint the legs and bottom shelf gunmetal gray, but the important part, the top, is done so I can start using it. I think it turned out pretty good!

Almost Done!