While I’m at it……..another quick pair of earrings!

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Quick Crystal Earrings, marywilliamsdesigns

Quick Crystal Earrings

When I was looking for a good backdrop for the Taste of Pumpkin earrings I stumbled upon a pottery leaf I had purchased at the Napa Adult School pottery class Christmas sale. I was sorry to hear that their classroom was closed and the class no longer offered there because of funding. Sadly, that is the case with many art classes in our public schools as well.

The leaf turned out to be quite photogenic and I love the way the blue in the Swarovski Pacific Opal crystals looked against the rough texture and colors of the leaf.

The earrings are very simple if you want to try to make yourself a pair. You don’t need to know much about how to make jewelry, just how to twist the ends of two wires together!

The earrings are also a great “plan B” design if you can’t find a pair of earrings that will go with a new outfit. Depending on how big your stash of crystal colors is the possibilities are endless. The earrings are also easy to add your own special touches. If you already make jewelry it is fairly simple to figure out how to make them from the photo, but when I have the time I’ve added that to my list of step-by-step photos to work on.

As promised, the second fall earring tutorial!

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Touch of Pumpkin Earring Tutorial

Touch of Pumpkin Earring How-To

The background for this shot came to me courtesy of Billy and his first try using our new chainsaw. Good news is he still has all of his digits, and I have a cool new photo prop. I love the cracks in it and while the round is a little thicker on one side I actually like it even more because of it. It is a perfect backdrop, I think, for fall jewelry designs. The disk beads are a little darker orange (think Jolly Rancher), but the natural light on our deck brought out the tangerine!

If you would like a pair yourself, you can find them in the online store, or if you would rather make yourself a pair you can find everything you need to make them there as well.

Not to be a pest, but………..

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Not to be a pest........

……remember when you said we’d be going on a walk before work??

This picture was actually taken months ago when I was working on my (now) daughter-in-law’s wedding jewelry, but I just love this picture. “THE LOOK” is what Jax uses right before he loses all patience and  throws one of his signature tantrums (consisting of making rapid, spastic circles on the rug while trying to attack his tail) if he doesn’t get his way. Unfortunately for him, none of us take him seriously and most often we just chuckle and go back to what we are doing. It’s so tough being the youngest in the household!

Lemon Creme Dream Bars

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Lemon Creme Bars Recipe

Lemon Creme Bars

Lemon Bars are a favorite in our household and I have a recipe that I have tweaked and used for years. We all love it. When I have a sure-fire hit I am always hesitant to try another version. Why mess with success? However, in this case I am SO glad I did. Everyone agreed that the recipe was amazing (and VERY rich). The filling is more of a custard filling than my lemon bar recipe so it is not a replacement, but it is a very excellent alternative.

The original recipe is here and I altered it very little. I used Meyer lemon juice and unsalted butter and found it lemony enough without the lemon extract. I also pressed the bottom layer of crumbs very gently. When it was firmly pressed it became like granite to cut after being chilled.

Firewood Gathering with Jax

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Jax is always more than willing to pitch in and help with household chores. In actuality, he is no different than any other toddler that wants to be a ‘big boy’, and big boy he definitely is! That limb he is charging around our property with is no lightweight. If only I could harness this energy (or put him to work cleaning the studio space!). As it is his primary talent in the studio is ‘sweeping’ every object on any work surface onto the floor. We call it Table Surfing and he gets a shiny gold star every time for thoroughness.