Happy Holidays (and please take these antlers off)

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“Sure, I think that when you are typing is the time to play with your hands, I smudge your window (okay, all of your windows), I have to smell EVERYTHING including the inside of your purse, I think the best time to lay on your feet is when you are getting ready to get up, I lay on my bed and moan until you pick up my toy that fell on the floor, I insist on being part of conversations and talking when it isn’t my turn (at least I’m not barking), and I’m sure you’ll tell me that I do a million other quirky things but have I EVER made you wear stupid headgear? I think not.”

After the storm……….sort of.

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Taken from the studio at dusk after the snowstorm.

After moving, being snowed in, digging ourselves out in below zero weather with shovels to go buy a snow blower, and being without heat for a few weeks we had a few days of sunshine that made the difficulties seem SO far away. That is, until the main water pipe ruptured at a previous repair (under a couple inches of asphalt and about 3 or more feet of dirt). Colin dug it out to find the leak and then the next snowstorm blew in. Sigh. Today I am waiting for the plumber that did the original repair to show up. No water since Tuesday but with this view from my studio it all still feels worth it.