Hot! Handle with Care Habaneros!

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A bit of summer heat.....

While I didn’t go as far as using vintage kitchen utensils to handle them, I have a healthy respect for habanero peppers and don plastic gloves when handling. I felt a photo with a pair of orange-stained plastic gloves draped gracefully over my pepper jelly wouldn’t make quite the same statement, artistically speaking that is.

Years ago I learned my lesson, having scraped the seeds and membranes out of a pound of jalapenos with my fingernails. All well and good until I ended up spending the entire night flung across the sofa cushions with my right hand dangling into a bucket of ice water. Ever wonder how many nerve endings are under your fingernails or in your fingertips? I’m not sure how many exactly, but I believe I had over a bazillion little bonfires in my fingers that night. Never, never, NEVER again.

That red beauty up there has only about 1/20th the amount of habaneros that it has red bell peppers, and baby, it has ZING!

Product Photography…

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I was doing so well making headway with the store’s product photography and then I got ….distracted.

It is no secret to those who check out the Boutique’s new items that I like using photo props, and I am using them more and more. If I had more time I would probably lose myself in practicing photography more often. Hunting for them is also a great excuse for reviving my love of visiting garage and estate sales. I love old things. Rusty, dented, sometimes even dirty old pieces of household history (and don’t get me started on interesting rocks!). They all just have so much character. They also keep me from becoming weary of photographing item after item on a stark white background.

Antique Lock with White Flower

Don’t get me wrong, I think some things need a simple white background in order to capture and convey certain qualities, but even with a white background I find myself leaning more and more to the shadowy dark side.

Amber Treads Lampwork

Amber Treads Lampwork

Oh, yes. That delicate white flower up there? Believe it or not, it is a trailing weed that will run rampant, choking the life out of more delicate plants in my yard if I don’t keep it in check. I decided it was about time it did something positive for me, and when I took the time to look at it more closely I realized how truly beautiful it was.