My Special Girl

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My Special Girl

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. My world was sent spinning, and I have not been able to find inspiration to create, either in my art or my writings. I had to say goodbye to Jinx in March. Just putting this to words brings a torrent of tears. The loss of her rips deeply into me. If it is possible for an animal to be part of a person’s soul, she was part of mine. She was my guardian, my funny girl, my best friend. She helped me through periods of my life that were nearly unbearable. If only she could help me through this.

I have been working at regaining my footing, organizing, touching at the edges of my art, trying to find a new comfort in my work. The house and studio seem so empty without her. Writing this entry is part of my pathway back. It is a struggle. She was so much a part of every aspect of my life.That goofy and frustrating little ball of black hair that came home with us eight and a half years ago carved such a deep place for herself in my life and my heart. My special girl.

Baby Jinx